Sports Podiatry/Orthotics

Podiatrists analyse the interaction of the foot with the ground and study the forces that the lower limb encounters during high impact sporting activities. Biomechanics is the term used for this type of analysis.

Our podiatrists can help with the following injuries: sports related lower back pain, Calf or Achilles Tendon issues, induced leg and shin pain, ankle problems, Hip or knee pain, heel and/or Plantar Fascia pain, Metatarsal issues, Achilles Tendonitis and Patella Femoral pain, general foot or toe joint symptoms. The Greenlane Podiatry team are expert in fitting orthotics as needed.


Shoe Advice 

It’s always difficult deciding what shoe to buy. Everyone’s feet work differently. So getting footwear that suits your feet is very important.  We can help you in all aspects of choosing the right footwear for you – including sports, walking, corporate, school shoes and shoes for the elderly.


Children’s Podiatry

Does your child trip up? Have recurring stubbed toes? Sprain their ankle? Run pigeon toed or complain of sore knees? It might not be growing issues.  Having your child’s feet and shoes assessed early can potentially prevent knee and hip replacements in the future.

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