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General Podiatry includes treatment of corns & calluses, fissures, ingrown toenails, verrucas, and fungal infections. This includes foot examination, diagnosis and treatment of general foot and ankle problems. We also provide health education and foot care advice to maintain foot health and prevent future problems.


Diabetic Foot Health

Diabetes impedes the function of the vascular system, and affects many areas of the body such as the feet, legs, eyes and our kidneys. It is important that people with diabetes pay special attention to the health of their feet.
Orthotics have an important role in the health of diabetic feet. Specialised designed Orthotics are useful for protecting the less sensitive diabetic foot. Specialised orthotics use material designed to accommodate pressure “hot spots” by conforming to heat and pressure. By conforming to the foot, the orthotic provides the comfort and protection needed in diabetic footcare.


High level laser therapy

Our highly skilled podiatrists are now using high level laser therapy to treat plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinopathy. Quick and painless – 15-30 minute treatments over 5-6 weeks shows improved healing and reduced pain.

High level laser treatment is FDA approved and a painless short term treatment for joint and muscle pain. High level laser therapy is based on the same principles as low level laser therapy but with higher power, which clinically provides greater photonic delivery and greater thermal effect.. This facilitates circulation, improved healing and rapid reduction of soft tissue and joint pain.

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