Vionic Footwear
: Science infused stylish footwear with natural alignment.  The biomechanical footbed supports you from the ground up.  The technology helps to hug your arches and support your natural footprint,  so you can take the day in stride.

Gehwol Range: This range of foot care products is manufactured by Gehwol in Germany. A widely recognised brand used by podiatrist and other foot care specialists.  A comprehensive selection of treatments and products for daily use. Based on natural ingredients and essential oils, Gehwol Maintenance products are individually formulated to treat many specific foot and skin conditions. The easy to use products offer instant sensations to the feet as well as pleasant fragrances and highly effective formulas. Soft Feet Nourishing Bath 200ml, Soft Feet Balm 75ml, Callus Cream 20ml and 75ml, Extra 75ml, Foot Bath 75ml, Fusskraft Blue 20ml and 75ml, Fusskraft Red 75ml, Fusskraft Green 75ml, Fusskraft Herbal Bath, Gerlachs Footcream, Hydrolipid Lotion 125ml, Leg Balm 125ml, Leg Vitality 125ml, Lipidro Cream 20ml and 75ml, Mint 75ml, Nail Softener 15ml, Nailcare 15ml, Refreshing Balm 75ml, Rosemary Bath Salts, Salve for Cracked Skin 75ml,Soft Feet 125ml, Soft Feet Scrub 125ml, Sponge, Sports Foot Cream 75ml, Warming Balm 75ml.

The Dr Comfort range is the finest quality comfort Footwear, Inserts and Sock. Extra width & depth in the toe box and forefoot of Dr Comfort shoes help prevent pressure on swollen feet, bunions, hammer toes and other problem areas.  Recommended for patients with diabetes too