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Greenlane Podiatry is a specialist foot practice in Greenlane/Ellerslie.

When you need professional podiatry services and treatments, be assured of the very best in foot-care at Greenlane Podiatry. We treat a range of issues affecting foot health, from general podiatry to treating professional athletes and small children. Our practice is specifically equipped to diagnose and treat all foot and lower leg conditions. We are New Zealand Podiatry Board registered podiatrists and ACC registered too. Our podiatrists are able to make home visits, as patient’s foot care is our number one priority. No doctor referral is required.

We offer minor surgical procedures for nail removal (Ingrown Toenails), under local anaesthetic, sports footwear fitting, sports podiatry, orthotics, diabetic foot care as well as verruca (Warts) removal.   We also offer Laser Treatment for fungal nails.  Laser Treatment is fast and safe with no side effects!

We provide comprehensive treatment for Plantar Fasciitis, Severs Disease, Achilles Tendonitis and Patella Femoral pain in all age groups. Our practice has an expertise in sports podiatry and biomechanics analysis.

We offer treatment for Corns – Calluses – Ingrown Nails – Verruca (Warts) – Fissures – Athlete’s Foot – Fungal infections – Bunions – Diabetic Feet – Arthritis – Elderly feet problems – and other foot conditions.

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