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When you need professional podiatry services and treatments, be assured of the very best in foot-care at Greenlane Podiatry Clinic. We treat a range of issues affecting foot health, from general podiatry to treating professional athletes and small children. Our clinic is specifically equipped to diagnose and treat all foot and lower leg conditions. We are New Zealand Podiatry Board registered podiatrists and ACC registered too. Our podiatrist are happy to make home visits, as patient's footcare is our number one priority. No doctor referral is required

We also offer minor surgical procedures for nail removal (Ingrown Toenails) at our clinic under local anaesthetic, as well as verruca (Warts) removal.


After spending the last part of 2014 working in Cambodia, Hannah Rolston has returned to the Greenlane Podiatry Clinic. We’re happy to have to her back as part of our team of four podiatrists.

The latest technology in fungal toe nail treatment is here:

Laser Treatment for Fungal Toenails

Great advantages offered by this new technology for fungal toenail, are:

• The procedure is safe
• No anaesthesia is required
• There are no side effects
* There is no visible harm to the treated nail or adjacent skin
• Socks and shoes can be worn immediately after the procedure
• Nail polish can be applied after treatment
• There is no “recovery” period after the procedure
• You are able to comfortably walk out of the clinic following the procedure
• We will recommend a post treatment sensitisation program to prevent any cross-infection.

Help is at hand for your feet at Greenlane Podiatry Clinic

Laser treatment for fungal nails - Sport injuries - Corns - Calluses - Ingrown Nails - Verruca (Warts) - Fissures - Athlete's Foot - Fungal infections - Bunions - Elderly feet problems - and other foot conditions.

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After spending the last part of 2014 working in Cambodia

Laser Treatment
for Fungal Nails

. . we offer :
General podiatry

Treatment of corns & calluses, ingrown toenails, verrucas, and fungal infections and more.

Diabetic foot health

Foot care amongst diabetics is
extra important. Foot ulcers affect
as many as 1 out of 10 people
with diabetes. This is where we can help.

Sports podiatry

Specialist diagnosis and management of foot and lower limb disorders. lower back pain, general foot or toe joint symptoms, calf or achilles tendon issues and many other symptoms .

. . what do our patients say :

“I would highly recommend Greenlane Podiatry Clinic namely Podiatrist Lisa Hinchcliff. She is not only knowledgeable and excellent at her chosen field but she also has a lovely, caring and friendly manner. I trusted in her to treat my feet whilst competing as a professional ironman athlete. The results were most beneficial for my race preparation. She offers honest and reliable advice readily on foot care, shoes and products available. Having been a client of Greenlane Podiatry Clinic now for many years I have no hesitation in recommending them to others."
Miranda Davidson Director of Mums on the Run (Fitness classes for mums)

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